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The MNEA Board prioritizes the health and well-being of all our members and our community. Due to the current health climate, MNEA will be limiting its events and programming to virtual events until further notice. Members will be notified via email and programming will be posted on our website regarding future events and updates. 

Upcoming MNEA Events

    • 21 Jan 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CST)
    • Webinar
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    EVENT POSTPONED - "What is Evaluation?" 

    Due to events anticipated on Inauguration Day, MNEA has decided to postpone the "What is Evaluation?" event. We will repurpose the event time to hold space for people to discuss current events and their impact on the practice of evaluation.

    No need to re-register if you are interested in processing white supremacy with us.

    Once a new date is set for the previously planned event, we will email MNEA membership with details.


    Building off of AEA’s mini-series in summer of 2020, MNEA is following suit and asking 6 of MNEA’s past-presidents how they answer the most dreaded question for evaluators: “What do you do?”

    Evaluator’s have their space at AEA and MNEA where they can talk about their projects without pausing. However, we sometimes have trouble explaining our profession when we’re not in evaluation spaces. The usage, value, and need for evaluations is not always commonly understood by outsiders. Even within our membership, how evaluation is defined and what it looks like greatly differs based on content area, background, education, and interest.

    To provide insight into the purpose and focus behind evaluation, MNEA has invited their past-presidents to speak to what evaluation means to them, how they approach evaluation, and what they find rewarding in their work.

    Join us over the lunch hour on January 21, 2021 with our recent past-presidents to understand a variety of perspectives, and join different breakout rooms to get some help to articulate your own elevator speech.

    AEA Evaluation Competencies:

    • PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE DOMAIN—focuses on what makes evaluators distinct as practicing professionals.
    • CONTEXT DOMAIN—focuses on understanding the unique circumstances, multiple perspectives, and changing settings of evaluations and their users/stakeholders.
    • INTERPERSONAL DOMAIN—focuses on human relations and social interactions that ground evaluator effectiveness for professional practice throughout the evaluation.

Past MNEA events

17 Dec 2020 2020 MNEA Annual Meeting
03 Dec 2020 Journey Mapping
20 Nov 2020 COVID-19: Stress and Using Systems Theory to Evaluate Public Health Response to a Viral Pandemic
22 Oct 2020 Going out on your own! Considerations for launching your own evaluation firm.
08 Oct 2020 Get ready for a virtual AEA experience with MNEA!
29 Sep 2020 Why is evaluation so white?
25 Aug 2020 Whole-Hearted Interpersonal Practices: Bringing Our Values to Work
18 Aug 2020 Whole-Hearted Interpersonal Practices: Listening for Expansion
11 Aug 2020 Whole-Hearted Interpersonal Practices: Strengthening our Core
06 Aug 2020 Data Visualization: Small Multiples (Rescheduled)
29 Jul 2020 Virtual Engagement: Connecting from a Distance (Rescheduled)
07 Jul 2020 Beyond the Statistics Class: Inside the Day-to-Day Work of Data Analysts in Evaluation
25 Jun 2020 Astrology Happy Hour: Have you ever presented an evaluation report to a client during a full moon?
04 Jun 2020 A Community Reflection
14 May 2020 Evaluation and Learning in Philanthropy: The Center for Evaluation Innovation's latest benchmarking report
11 May 2020 Cancelled- Youth-Focused Evaluation: Student Voice in MPS
05 May 2020 Deep Dive with Michael Quinn Patton: Evaluation Implications of the Coronavirus Global Health Pandemic Emergency
29 Apr 2020 Journey Mapping Webinar
27 Mar 2020 Info Session: MNEA Mentorship Program
31 Jan 2020 MNEA New Member Orientation: Understanding your Benefits
12 Dec 2019 Annual Meeting & Networking Happy Hour
03 Dec 2019 2019 AEA Debrief with MNEA
20 Nov 2019 TCRG + MNEA Event: Best Practices in Data Visualization
13 Nov 2019 Book launch celebration for Michael Quinn Patton
13 Nov 2019 Diversifying the Field of Evaluation Panel and Scholarship Brunch
24 Sep 2019 Trauma-Informed Evaluation Half-Day Workshop
06 Aug 2019 Demographics World Café Discussion
25 Jul 2019 Evaluators' pro action café + happy hour
09 Jul 2019 Webinar: Trauma-Informed Evaluation: A Lens to Improve Evaluation Practice
13 Jun 2019 Demographics World Café Discussion
07 May 2019 Trauma-Informed Evaluation: A Lens to Improve Evaluation Practice
27 Mar 2019 Project management negotiation skills...and re-negotiation skills
19 Feb 2019 AEA 2019 in Minneapolis! How to Submit an AEA Presentation Proposal
30 Jan 2019 Nonprofit Evaluation Exemplars- Event is canceled as a result of severe cold weather
16 Jan 2019 Meet the Local Evaluation Organizations, part 2!
17 Dec 2018 Reflect and Gather with MNEA!
28 Nov 2018 MNEA Lunch Series: Project Charters
08 Nov 2018 AEA Debrief with MNEA
01 Nov 2018 Connect with MNEA at the AEA Annual Meeting!
18 Oct 2018 Evaluation and Changing Political Landscapes: Panel Discussion
10 Oct 2018 Meet Local Evaluation Organizations
26 Sep 2018 MNEA Lunch Series Event: Running Effective Meetings
12 Sep 2018 Translating Agile Project Management to Program Evaluation Practice – RESCHEDULED!
22 Aug 2018 MNEA Lunch Series Event: Evaluation and Project Management
18 Jul 2018 2020 Census in Minnesota–What do evaluators need to know?
07 Jun 2018 MNEA Webinar-Advanced Qualitative Methods
09 May 2018 APM Research Lab 2017 Ground Level Survey Findings Presentation
09 May 2018 Tour MPR before the APM Presentation!
09 Apr 2018 MNEA April Meetup: Navigating Complex Political Contexts in Evaluation
20 Dec 2017 Reflect and Gather with MNEA!
01 Dec 2017 Measuring “equity” and “access”: Evaluation design, data collection and other considerations
21 Nov 2017 AEA Debrief with MNEA
09 Nov 2017 Connect with MNEA at the AEA Annual Meeting
23 Oct 2017 Book Launch and Reception with Michael Quinn Patton
16 Oct 2017 Have a discussion over breakfast with MNEA members!
28 Sep 2017 Roundtable Discussion with Evaluation Professionals
21 Sep 2017 Exploring Project Management in Evaluation Contexts
16 Aug 2017 MNEA's August Informal Meet-Up
11 Jul 2017 MNEA's July Informal Lunch Meet-Up
21 Jun 2017 MNEA's June Informal Meet-Up
31 May 2017 An Informal MNEA Meet-Up
22 Mar 2017 MNEA Grab and Go Ice Cream Social
09 Nov 2016 Making a Career Out of Evaluation - A Forum for Emerging Evaluators
26 Oct 2016 MNEA Social at the AEA Annual Conference
19 Jul 2016 MNEA Summer Social
17 May 2016 Making Meaning of Multiple Datasets (M3) – Interactive Process to Build Evaluative Thinking
24 Feb 2016 Advancing Equity through Evaluation - How do we make it happen?
21 Jan 2016 MNEA Ignite - Non-traditional technology tools for evaluation (evaluation hacks)
26 Oct 2015 FALL SOCIAL with Michael Quinn Patton
13 Oct 2015 Book Club Event: Mixed Methods
07 Jul 2015 Summer Social
22 May 2015 Evaluating Education: A Roundtable Discussion
26 Feb 2015 Strategic Planning & Evaluation Event
11 Nov 2014 Culturally Responsive Evaluation Event
28 Oct 2014 MNEA Student Event - The Life of an Evaluator
10 Jul 2014 Summer Social Event
23 May 2014 Evaluation Capacity Building Event
09 Oct 2013 Evaluating Advocacy Efforts
18 Jul 2013 Summer Social Event
10 May 2013 Health Care Reform and Evaluation
22 Mar 2013 Data Visualization Event
06 Dec 2012 MN EA Social Happy Hour
15 Nov 2012 MN EA Social Happy Hour
04 Apr 2012 Roundtable Discussion International Monitoring and Evaluation: Donor Collaboration and Sustainable Results
09 Feb 2012 Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as an Evaluation Tool



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