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Introduction to Arts-Based Methods for Evaluators: Photo Elicitation

  • 10 May 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Zoom
  • 74


Introducing the 2nd workshop in MNEA's 3-part virtual series on Art Based Evaluation to enhance your knowledge and skills. The final workshop of the series will be in June. 

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Evaluators need diverse tools to engage with stakeholders, conduct evaluations, and promote reflexive practice. Arts-based methods offer accessible, engaging, and flexible strategies to act on these priorities. This workshop teaches foundational concepts for data collection with key ethical and practical considerations. Participants will: 1) build a theoretical and practical understanding of one easy-to-implement arts-based method - photo elicitation; 2) begin to understand how to assess credibility in arts-based evaluations; 3) identify appropriate data analysis strategies from their existing toolboxes; 4) understand how to overcome potential barriers to integrating arts-based methods into their evaluation contexts; 5) reflect on ethical practice when using arts methods. The workshop will include a short dynamic lecture, individual and small group experiential learning activities, and meaningful discussion. Focusing primarily on data collection tools & techniques for both empirical evidence and reflexive practice, this workshop bolsters evaluator competencies. No previous experience with arts-methods and zero artistic skill required!

This workshop specifically addresses the following AEA Evaluator Competencies:

  • Competency 1.3: Selects evaluation approaches and theories appropriately.
  • Competency 2.4: Determines and justifies appropriate methods to answer evaluation questions, e.g., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods.
  • Competency 2.10: Collects data using credible, feasible, and culturally appropriate procedures.

Jennica Nichols is a credentialed evaluator with over 15 years of experience using mixed methods to solve complex health and knowledge translation problems. Passionate about making evaluations meaningful, useful, and reciprocal through arts-based techniques, Jennica has designed and taught data collection methods in universities, the E-institute, and her own workshops and courses. She offers learners real-world examples, hands-on skill-building, and chances to practice/fail forward.

Maya Lefkowich is a methodologist, artist, and emerging evaluator with 12 years of experience. Passionate about equity-centered and imaginative approaches to data collection and analysis, Maya offers a learner-centered approach to facilitation. Drawing on her experience designing curricula and teaching methods for researchers and evaluators alike, she uses experiential learning techniques to make abstract concepts tangible, fun, and applicable for evaluation practice.



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