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Board Member Qualifications

A board member displays:  

  • A strong desire to promote evaluation and support those that do it in Minnesota
  • An interest in participating, as a leader, in a small non-profit.
  • An ability to communicate effectively with other board members during and between meetings to develop, organize, and accomplish tasks.
  • An ability to manage and accomplish tasks independently between meetings.
  • Specific skills, experience, or leadership related to one or more of the following areas: communications, finance, marketing, online strategy, nonprofit management, event planning, or other relevant area of expertise.

Due to the hands-on nature of MNEA Board service, the Association relies on diverse skill sets and active board members to continue the growth of the association.  All board members are required to be:

  • A professional evaluator
  • A current MNEA member in good standing (dues paid)
  • Recently active in MNEA events (attended at least one event this past year)
  • Capable of providing approximately 10 hours volunteer time for board service per month
  • Ready to participate in and support MNEA programs throughout the year


Because MNEA has a working board, all members are actively engaged in the work of the association. We have endeavored to provide an accurate assessment of the commitment and expectations of the role. However, this will vary depending on each board position’s specific flow of work. A board member commits to MNEA the following:   

  • Share accountability for corporate management of the organization.
  • Attend monthly board meetings in the Twin Cities metro area.
  • Carry out board assignments.  To learn more, read the position descriptions. 
  • Complete a three-year term of office (renewable for one additional term)
  • As a Board Member At Large or Committee Chair, you prepare for and attend board and committee meetings, review materials for meetings, attend events, and lead committees or taskforces. This work takes 8-10 hours per month on average.
  • As a member of the President stream (Past-President, President, President-Elect), you prepare for, participate in, and lead the monthly board meetings, follow up after meetings, work on strategic and planning efforts, and create task forces and ad hoc committees. This requires an additional 5-10 hours per month, totaling 15-20 hours per month on average.



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