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COVID-19 Protocol for the MNEA Conference

MNEA  will have COVID-19 protocols in place at the MNEA Conference to encourage collective care for one another and keep each other healthy/safe. MNEA board members have been monitoring local health and public safety requirements. The precautions outlined  below reflect current CDC recommendations and guidelines:

  • Mask Wearing: We strongly encourage attendees to wear masks, aside from when eating and drinking. We will provide masks to those who need them.
  • COVID-Vaccination Status: We strongly encourage attendees to be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccine and boosters.
  • Self-Testing: We encourage everyone to self-test before the event. If you are feeling sick, have any COVID-19 symptoms, and/or test positive for COVID-19, please do not attend the MNEA Gala and email to let us know you will not be coming.
  • Food: If you are nervous about eating unmasked around other people, there are spaces where you can go eat by yourself or with a small group.
  • Hand Sanitizer: There will be hand sanitizer stations dotted throughout the venue for your convenience.
  • Cancellation Policy: Health-related cancellations are allowed at anytime before the event, including after the normal cancellation period.

We recognize that when it comes to live events, we all need to make our own decisions regarding attending based on individual health and safety, personal values, financial, and other considerations.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or feedback about our COVID protocols, please let us know. 


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