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Evaluation (un)filtered. Imagine an evaluation conference where a vibrant array of voices, representation, innovation, and knowledge are given the space to shine.


Three themes emerged based on what we thought unfiltered evaluation could look and feel like, and became the different track types for the sessions. Review the tracks below and determine which track your session proposal is closest to. You can only choose one! 

  1. Co-creation & Power-sharing

    • Session Vibe: Inspiring, connecting, educational, perception-shifting
    • Questions to consider: How can we shift power to the communities who need it most? Where can there be opportunities of co-creation, rather than top-down decision making?
    1. Embodiment & Healing

      • Session Vibe: Grounding, engaging all senses, integrative, holistic, playful, emotional release (laughter, crying, etc.)
      • Questions to consider: What are ways we can embody the changes we want to see and be? How can we evoke emotion, playfulness, and wellbeing in our work?
      1. Growth Mindset & Being the Change

        • Session Vibe: Reflective, accountability, radical engagement, walking the talk
        • Questions to consider: What are the questions we should ask ourselves and others to be the change agents we want to be? What are tangible things we can do to be the change?


      We recognize that the professional identity of “evaluator” is not one that everyone shares. Regardless of title, we welcome all who have a topic that they’d like to share with this community of evaluators, researchers, and adjacent fields. 

      If you recognize yourself within this unfiltered form of evaluation, we invite you to submit a proposal to facilitate a space at our (un)conference on September 26, 2023. The MNEA Board welcomes any and all proposal ideas and will prioritize proposals that reflect:

      • Individuals who identify with, or projects that involve, the following identities: LGBTQ2S+, persons with visible and invisible disabilities, immigrants and refugees, Indigenous, Black/African American, and other communities of color
      • Topics that explore non-linear, non-Western, and non-dominant evaluation and research methods (examples include: creative and arts based approaches, Indigenous evaluation, decolonized approaches, movement based reporting, and other innovative topics/approaches)
      • Topics that explore non-hierarchical and power-sharing approaches (examples include: community-led approaches, democratic decision-making, data sovereignty)
      • Topics that explore subjective and reciprocal impacts (examples include reflexivity, identity, evaluation mistakes, evaluator as advocate)
      • Topics that are not specific to evaluation and research, but that contribute to the field by supporting evaluators as individuals and members of communities (examples: self-care/maintenance, relationship-building, impact of political environment and time, grief and loss, body work and movement)

      MNEA will provide presenters with a free ticket and a speaker stipend of $150 to honor the wisdom shared with MNEA members. 

        Read the requirements below and check out the proposal questions to prepare your submission. We recommend filling out the proposal form in one sitting because our software will not save your progress. We also recommend preparing your answers in a separate document and copy-and-pasting them into the online form.

        Submit a Proposal


        Session Description: The session description will be used as the public description of the session in the conference program. Session descriptions should be 500 words or less.

        Session Format: 75 minute breakouts. We encourage you to be creative with how you’d like to facilitate the session! Format can be flexible, some examples: birds of a feather, guiding attendees through an activity (mindfulness, movement, arts-based activity), and open conversations.

        Submission Limit: Each individual may be listed as a presenter or author on a maximum of 2 proposals and may only be the lead presenter on 1 proposal.

        Primary Contact: The person who submits the proposal is the primary contact and is responsible for all communications and coordination on behalf of all co-presenters.

        Space: All sessions will be held in-person in breakout rooms with capacity for 20 to 30 attendees. 

        Speaker Stipend: MNEA has a maximum of 3 speakers per session for whom we can provide a free ticket and honorarium. 


        June 1, 2023 - Submission Deadline Extended

        Late June - Acceptance Notification

        September 26, 2023 - Conference




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